Audio interview: Kepler Ten

What do you get when you blend together modern rock, old-school prog and a splash of ear-splitting heavy metal? Why, you get the experimental power trio that is Southampton’s Kepler Ten.

Once a local Rush tribute band that went by the moniker of R2, the technically gifted three-piece of bassist/vocalist James Durand, drummer Steve Hales and guitarist Richie Cahill have since turned their eyes to making their own mark in the music realm, embarking on a quest for proggy world domination by crafting their own original material.

After toiling away for months in giddy secrecy in Durand’s home studio, the first massive step in Kepler Ten’s turn away from cover band status is their masterful debut album, Delta-v, which was unleashed into the world on 10th February.

At the launch party for this all-new rock n’ roll extravaganza, the entire band sits down at the bar with Far Beyond Written’s Matt Mills to chat all about their first full-length release, as well as their love for Star Wars and Trainspotting, why prog “isn’t very rock n’ roll”, why they chose to ditch the covers and make their own music, and more.

You can hear the audio in full at the link below:

Kepler Ten’s new album, Delta-v, is available physically and digitally now via White Star Records. Read our review of it here.