Hidden Gems: Pugtopsy – “Snorts of Sorrow” (2017)

Genre: Extreme metal

Release date: 1st April, 2017

Record label: Artery

For fans of: Pugs


Source: Facebook – Pugtopsy

Pugtopsy is high art. There’s no other way of putting it.

A blackened quartet still in its early days, the group consists of Casey Liatorp on drums, Shan Dan on bass, Jordan Boksel on lead and rhythm guitars and, finally, the acclaimed frontman Pupcake Lövbacken on lead vocals.

And, yes, Pupcake Lövbacken is a dog. He may be a seemingly adorable black pug, but make no mistake: Lövbacken is truly kvlt, leading his band in a despondent flurry of anarchic grunts and wheezes in their debut single, “Snorts of Sorrow”.

A short track at only 90 seconds, “Snorts of Sorrow” is an ever-building experience that opens with clean, ominous guitars, before adding in the drums and then, finally, a breakdown headed by a ravenous snarl from Lövbacken. The rest of the song revolves around downtuned riffing as well as Pupcake’s vocals, which, despite him being a dog, are actually on-par with the singing on the new Suicide Silence album.

Bottom line: Pugtopsy is the kind of insane ridiculousness that makes both metal and the internet the wondrous things that they are.

Seriously, where else will you see a band with a pug killing it on lead vocals?

Pugtopsy is currently selling t-shirts to support the Neüterhead: Ace of Spays program. Get yours here.